About Us

Sri Lankan Business Forum in South Australia (SLBFSA)  was formed under the auspices of the Consulate for Sri Lanka in South Australia and the Sri Lanka High Commission in Canberra as a not-for-profit incorporation.
The main purpose of this organisation is to facilitate bilateral trade/business activities between Sri Lanka and South Australia and to support the Sri Lankan businesses in South Australia.

With our affiliations to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka/Australia/ New Zealand Business Council in Australia, we hope to provide a worthy environment for businesses to interact and benefit.

Sustainable business for a better tomorrow !

Our mission

Below is a list of things we hope to achieve.

  • Facilitation of bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and South Australia.


  • Promote Sri Lankan products and services in South Australia.


  • Business Advocacy and Trade Advisory in South Australia for Sri Lankan trade lanes.


  • Capacity development.


On behalf of the committee I warmly welcome all of you to the Sri Lankan Business Forum in South Australia (SLBFSA). This forum was incorporated as a part of Sri Lanka/Australia/ New Zealand Business Council with affiliation to the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years, the Sri Lankan community has embraced the concept of blending with business decisions to better manage bilateral trade between the two countries. We are fortunate to live in highly resourceful countries while sharing similar business dynamics in terms of import and export. Further, with ever increasing influx of expatriates has presented us enormous business opportunities and is a key driver of our bilateral economic well-being.

With our theme “Sustainable business for a better tomorrow”, we at this business forum hope to facilitate a much needed regional platform for key business and industry players, as well as government representatives from both countries to forge stronger partnerships that promote long-term economic growth while enduring the global competition.

I am confident that this forum will continue to catalyse the private and public sectors to bring about new partnerships that will lead to continuous investments. I would like to thank all those who contribute towards the success of SLBFSA.

We would strive to assist development of new partnerships and sustainable business opportunities for the entrepreneurs and enhance bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and South Australia while enhancing traits such as business ethics, transparency, professionalism and integrity.
I wish you all a productive 2018!

Aravinda Pitigala



Our team

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